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Adams Beach Hotel response to the threat of CoVid-19

In light of the unprecedented health crisis, the Adams Beach Hotel, remaining loyal to its commitment to continuously strive for providing a safe environment for Guests, employees and anyone else related to the Hotel’s operation, has adjusted its overall operating mentality and shifted all priorities towards the common target of managing the risk posed to human health by the still raging pandemic of CoVid-19.

In the spirit of this, the following measures have been put into immediate effect:


Specified the situation

As an addition to the existing Health & Safety Management System, a new detailed procedure dedicated to Epidemic Crisis Management has been created, covering all aspects of the Hotel’s operation.

This procedure constitutes the basis for all employee training on the subject.


Assigned duties

A specialized Epidemic Management Team has been formed, compiled by reliable and responsible Hospitality professionals, with the sole purpose of enforcing the implementation of the Epidemic Crisis Management procedure, which will ensure the preservation of the Adams Beach Hotel’s safe and infection free environment, by minimizing potential risks.


Adjusted the mood

Social Distancing and Personal Hygiene have become the priority, and all operating procedures of the Hotel are now being implemented with such concepts, as their primary guideline.


Spread the message

Continuous training of all employees has become part of the daily routine, with the purpose of creating and establishing the appropriate safety mentality for a smooth implementation of the procedure.


Engaged new available solutions

Technological solutions have been employed, in order to measure and control aspects of the Hotel’s day to day operation in terms of monitoring the levels of infection risk on a continuous basis and create records for backtrack tracing if that becomes a requirement.


Ensured Supplies & Equipment

It is ensured that all Hotel’s Departments have been supplied, and will maintain the appropriate levels of their stock of the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, as required for each location.


Made supplies available

Dedicated Sanitization Stations have been created in easily accessible areas within the Hotel, such as the Hotel’s Main Entrance, entrances to the various outlets, the Buffet area and all relevant employee areas accordingly, for the use of our Guests as well as employees, at any time. In addition, all Public areas as well as all employee areas have been sanitized and equipped with the relevant disinfectant dispensers and any other required sanitization equipment accordingly.


Keep everyone informed

Relevant information to all Guests and employees of the Hotel has been relayed in advance, as well as on a continuous basis through various informative signs and posters which have been placed in visible areas around the Hotel, each providing relevant information to the specific area accordingly.


Compliance behind the scenes

The basic operation in all Back of the House supporting areas has been adjusted accordingly, such as:

  • Controlled and/or restricted visits to Administration Offices
  • All background employee activities, such as meals, breaks, use of lockers and changing rooms, etc.
  • The procedure of receiving supplies by external suppliers
  • Food production
  • Dishwashing
  • Preparation of restaurants for service
  • Room service preparation
  • Room cleaning
  • Cleaning of public areas

and other background activities have been taken into consideration and it is ensured that all infection risk factors have been minimized to the lowest possible levels


Safe-proofed Service

Service procedures have been adjusted accordingly, with the following basic points as their guidelines:

  • Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Apply Social Distancing requirements
  • Follow Personal Hygiene principles
Established Emergency Response

In case a suspicious incident occurs, Emergency Response actions have been determined and all employees have been trained to act accordingly, such as, being able to identify suspicious symptoms, maintain their reactions calm and discreet, and take the appropriate steps for isolating any suspicious incident


Keep consistency

Frequent daily checks are conducted and records are kept, in order to ensure that everything revolves around the basic safety requirements of Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene principles and the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.


Being professionals in the Hospitality Industry, we ensure that even with all the restrictions that need to be implemented during this unfortunate times, at the Adams Beach Hotel our Guests will enjoy their vacation in a positive, relaxing, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, dedicated to professional service.


More information in regards to Cyprus’ Destination Protocol can be found at:


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